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The Awards evening will involve a sit-down dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney on Oct. 19th (6 - 9pm, smart casual attire). The evening will include the Annual Service Science Oration delivered by the Guest of Honour. The evening will also include presentations by the Award Finalists, as well as the announcement of the Awards.

Service Science Society

The Service Science Society has been established to build the scientific underpinning of services to create the necessary innovations for a productive and well-grounded service economy in Australia. The Service Science Society hopes to achieve this through the support of world-class research in services, undergraduate and post graduate service science education and policy assistance for innovations in the service economy, for the purpose of increasing the productivity and fostering the development of service related industries. The membership of the Service Science Society is open to both individual and corporate members who want to support this vision and to be involved in the further development of the service economy in Australia.

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The Award

The Service Science Society of Australia Service Innovation Award is instituted to recognize organizations that have demonstrated significant innovation in the design and/or delivery of services. The award is a critical component of the Society's mission to promote service innovation in all sectors of the Australian economy. Any organization(but not individuals) may be nominated for the award including organizations from the government,business and non-profit sectors. The service innovations in question could be internal(i.e. value to the organizations internal operations) or external(i.e., of value to external stakeholder/customers). The innovations of interest include process innovations(new ways of delivering services),technological or managerial(novel organizational structures,novel interventions to influence organization culture and so on).

Award Categories

Open Category

Nominations in this category cover the full gamut of service innovations

Service Innovation through AI

Nominations in this category must demonstrate innovative use of Artificial Intelligence technology in services.

Innovation through connected things(IoT Services Award)

Nominations in this category must demonstrate innovative use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology in services.

October 19




Guest of Honour

Dr Ian Oppermann

CEO & Chief Data Scientist

Dr Ian Oppermann is CEO and Chief Data Scientist of the NSW Data Analytics Centre. Prior to this, he was the founding Director of CSIRO’s Digital Productivity and Services Flagship, and Director of CSIRO’s ICT Centre, the unit responsible for addressing major scientific challenges in wireless communications, robotics, information theory, environmental sensing and eHealth. Before that, he held senior leadership positions in Europe and Australia, including at Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks. Dr Oppermann is regarded a thought leader in Digital Economy and is a regular speaker on “Big Data”, broadband-enabled services and the impact of technology on society. He has contributed to six books and co-authored more than 120 papers that have been cited over 3200 times. Dr Oppermann has an MBA from the University of London and a PhD in Mobile Telecommunications from Sydney University. He is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and Institute of Engineers Australia. https://www.finance.nsw.gov.au/ict/nsw-data-analytics-centre/our-people

Oration Title : Irresistible Digitisation

The irresistible digitisation of our lives coupled with innovative application of analytics have led to astonishing changes in the way we understand the world, the services we create and how we connect. It can also allow us to tackle some of the biggest problems we face in society. This presentation explores examples of where data is being used to tackle old problems in new ways, and explores some of the challenges associated with use of data.

Previous Guests of Honour

Ian MacFarlane

Federal Minister For Industry

Michael Pratt

Customer Service Commissioner,NSW

Dr. Rachna Gandhi

CEO,Service NSW

Service Innovation Award 2016

  • Guest of Honour

    Dr Rachna Gandhi CEO,Service NSW

  • Prof. Aditya Ghose

    President of Service Science Society

  • Winners of SIA 2016

    Department of Human Services

  • 1st Runner Up

    Allotrac Services

  • 2nd Runner Up


  • Finalist


  • Finalist


  • Judging Panel




Honourable Mention

Department of Human Services


The Australian Government Department of Human Services is a leader in government social media communication and engagement. The department’s Digital Media Section first started monitoring social media in 2009, evolved this work into social media content marketing, and now also has a dedicated social media customer service team answering 2,500 citizens questions a month through Facebook and Twitter.




The Allotrac software is designed to integrate seamlessly with your daily operations to create the most efficient and profitable procedures possible.
Helping your business flourish is important to Allotrac. The whole system is carefully constructed to compliment daily operations and aid growth with smart, straightforward solutions.
Allotrac improves life for every person along the line of your business, including Customers, Allocators, Managers, Drivers and Subcontractors.
The team at Allotrac expertly moulds the software to cater to individual needs, giving you the power to choose what you need from Allotrac’s always evolving modules. This flexibility has resulted in a product that constantly grows with the transport industry, with new ideas and solutions every day.




“MindHive is about problem solving. Tech is second. It’s an enabler. We have a proven strategy and policy problem solving method – and you get access to it to MindHive your challenges. They get solved. The problem solving method was designed by five ex-Oxford strategy / policy leaders - the web built by Australia’s number one web company, Wiliam. We’re a team of strategists and policy leaders who have honed a craft of engaging diverse thinking into problem solving for the past 15 years - Australia’s longest non-government funded think tank. You get to be a part of that legacy - independent quality thought leadership."
Bruce Muirhead, CEO of Eidos Institute, MindHive Founder.


Service Innovation Award 2014

  • Guest of Honour

    Ian MacFarlane,Federal Minister For Industry

  • From L to R : Prof. Aditya Ghose(SSS President),Ian MacFarlane(Guest of Honour),Prof. Byron Keating,Shankar Shivaprakasam

  • Winner SME Category

    Eidos Institute

  • Winner Government Category

    National Archives of Australia

  • Winner Open Category

    FSHD Global Foundation

  • Annual Service Science Oration




Eidos Institute


"How we solve problems is changing. Expertise is being redefined. The next decade will be shared intelligence - human and artificial intelligence.

Following the success of MindHive, Eidos 'The Place' emerges as a platform to share it's ten years of expertise with it's partners. Eidos is the 'GitHub' of problem solving. The team will help you host, participate or fund new ideas. Use our tools and guides, or add your own.""
Bruce Muirhead Eidos Board Member & CEO, MindHive


Service Innovation Award 2013

  • Guest of Honour

    Michael Pratt,Customer Service Commissioner,NSW

  • Vern Davis from HP speaking on behalf of the event sponsors

  • From L to R : Chris Papadopoulous(Board member,SSS),Michael Pratt(Guest of Honour),Prof. Aditya Ghose(President of SSS)

  • L to R: Jean-Jacques Dubray,Prof Eric Dubois,Prof. Aditya Ghose,Dr. Hamid Motahari,Prof Fethi Rabhi,Prof. Christop Weinhardt

  • Prof. Aditya Ghose,President of Service Science Society of Australia, delivering welcome address

  • Winner 2013








After many frustrating experiences trying to get a taxi, Hamish Petrie decided it was time to shake up the long-standing taxi monopoly in Australia. And so the founder of ingogo had an idea to provide passengers & drivers with a better service by putting passenger and driver directly in touch with each other using innovative mobile technology.
Firmly believing in a fair-go-for-all and cutting out the middleman plus a passion for breaking industry monopolies, Hamish a serial entrepreneur and CEO of ingogo, caught up with the original team behind ticketing company Moshtix. He took them through his plan and they decided the idea had legs and ingogo was born in Aug 2011.
Since March 2015, the company, now in all major cities in Australia, has received over $16 million in backing from prominent Australian investors. In addition, ingogo received a grant from the Australian Federal Government to build a system for Australian business. With these funds ingogo built the most convenient and reliable way to travel by taxi in Australia.
ingogo has won several awards including the CeBIT Future Payments Award and the Service Innovation Award. It’s also been chosen as one of the top 100 coolest companies in Australia by Anthill Magazine, plus has been voted 1 of the 5 companies to watch for in 2015, by Start-up Smart and the Australian Financial Review.


How to Nominate

Organizations can self-nominate, or can be nominated by others who recognize the value of the innovations in question. To nominate, send an email to: nominations@servicesciencesociety.org.au contaning the following:

1. The organization being nominated

2. The name, address, phone and email of a contact person within the organization being nominated.

3. The name, address, phone and email of a nominator. For self-nominations, this can be the same person as in item 2.

4. A brief description of the innovation (no more than 300 words).

5. A brief justification of the nomination (what is the impact of the innovation, how does it represent a significant departure from the status quo, what are its future prospects, and more generally: what makes this worthy of this Award). (No more than 400 words)

     For the question on "Description of Innovation", please provide a detailed description of the innovation. Some aspects to consider are:
     - What functionality does the innovation involve? What does it do?
     - What was the pre-existing process that the innovation improved upon? In what ways did it improve?

     For the question on "Justification of the nomination", some aspects to consider are the following:
     - What is novel about the innovation?
     - Has this been done before? Your innovation might be something that was done for the first time in your organization,
       or for the first time in your industry sector. Or it might be the first time ever that this was ever attempted.
     - What was the impact of the innovation? How was it received?
     - How hard was it to conceive, develop and deploy? Was there new technology involved? Did it involve the redesign of existing processes?

Alternatively,you can use the online nomination portal below. Finalists will be contacted for additional detail if necessary.

Nominations close 14th of October

Online Nomination

Important Dates

Nominations Submission Deadline Results Date
Before October 14, 2017 TBA

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